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By Kengsak Tonniem


These ornaments are designed under the concept of “Asurasinsiam, Thai Elegant Ornament” by a student in Srinakarinwirot University. The student makes these ornaments by himself in every step of production started from designing, forming process, decorating its body, being jewelry studded, polishing and enameling. His inspiration comes from “Demon or Yaksa”, sacred creators guarding the doors at the Temple of Emerald Buddha.

The ornaments are consisted of 7 sets, namely:-

1.        Thotsakan set,

2.        Thotsakhirithon set

3.        Maiyarap set

4.        Wirunhok set

5.        Sahatsadecha set

6.        Suriyaphop set and

7.        Intarachit set



6 ก.ย. 2018     Administrator

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