Thai textiles

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By Kengsak Tonniem


Jewelry Season 23rd

The beauty of Thai textile and accessories

Pikul - Spanish cherry that is blooming is like Lamphun brocade Thai silk

          Lamphun brocade Thai silk is the beautiful Lamphuns heritage of handicraft. The gorgeous and distinctive brocade Thai silk was applied from the courts handicraft. The wife of the noble man popularized this silk. Thus, we were inspired to design our valuable accessory with the pattern of Spanish cherry. The case of material decorated with diamonds are gorgeous and trendy.         

Hak Nok Koo together with the beauty of Pha Jok Thai Yuan
Pha Jok is the fabric that we weave and create the textures at the same time. “Jokmeans to weave textures on fabrics by adding special wefts at intervals. This accessory was inspired by the unique and well-known Hak Nok Koodesign. Apart from this, Kong Kengand Darbdesignswere also applied for designing this accessory.

Pudtarn The beauty of stacked petals and fragrance of cotton rose with Pearl brocade Thai Yuan
Pearl brocade Thai Yuanis one of the famous fabrics in central Thailand. This kind of fabric was applied from the design of our ancestorsfabric. The uniqueness of pearl brocade Thai Yuan is the design of stacked petals. The black color was the inspiration for designing modern accessory with a sense of traditional style.

Various designs with the attractive red and orange colors” “Praewa Silk
Praewa silk is the local fabric of Phu Thai people in Kalasin. This fabric was originated around Sip Song Chau Tai area. Phu Thai people mostly use it as shawl. The unique design is rhombus design. Apart from this, they combine various designs perfectly. Red and orange colors are mainly used. With its unique style, we develop its design for our valuable accessory.     

Kho Naree tying together in the style of Thai ikat

Thai ikat is the outstanding art of northeastern Thai weaving. Apart from being denominated by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, its unique pattern is also well-known among Thai people. The story of this fabric was derived of the lives of people in the past. They had to go pond dipping using bamboo wooden hooks. Together with the lifestyle of domestic weaving, Mee Khun Kho Nareedesign tells us the story of our ancestors. Thus, we were inspired to design our accessory based on the powerful story of bamboo wooden hook. The swaying pattern of our accessory is resemble to the stream of water. Our intention to choose a blue gemstone also implies the importance of water. 

Dok Sapparod the beauty of Southern Thai with Nakhon brocade
Nakhon brocade is the local brocade in Nakhon Si Thammarat. This is the inheritage from the Porn Ta Link kingdom, the ancient kingdom in Thailand. The origin and design of weaving was applied from the design of Saiburi brocade. “Dok Sapparodis the design that shows the beauty of pineapples, local fruits with layered pointy petals in Southern Thailand. The purple gemstone implies the color of pineapples. The golden body of our accessory implies the golden brocade on the fabric. This is the story inspired by the pattern of Nakhon brocade of our stylish accessory.

The stream of water flowing on Thai Lue textile
Thai Lue textile is one of Thai Lue people’s identities. Its unique design is called “the sream of water”. Its continuous waves look like the staircases. The story behind this textile is about the wolf that took care of the girl. When he died, she was so mournful and decided to blot her wrap-around skirt with his blood. Then people were inspired by this wonderful story and this was the first step of the unique design of Thai Lue textile. So our accessory was inspired by this texture, too. Also, the red color represents the blood of the wolf.

The attractive bloom of Si Trangtogether with Batik fabric 
Batik fabric, originated in Indonesia, is the fabric made by using the wax to design the fabric. This kind of fabric focuses on outstanding designs and remarkable colors. One of its outstanding designs is “Si Trang”, Si Trang is the flower of Trang, the city in Thailand. Our accessory has the characteristics of Si Trang flower – the swaying pattern of branches. Inspired by purple color of Sri Tang flower, we use Amethyst to decorate the main body of our accessory.  

The beauty of weaving, the beauty ofKrong Thong Silk
Krong Thong Slik is weaved with golden silks. From weaving silks, the fabricating becomes the long fabric with outstanding design. We prefer to use it as a shawl or wrap the breast with other fabrics. When women get dress with this silk, they will let the shorter side free. In the past, only noble women would use it. The normal height and width of Krong Thong silk are equal to a shawl.   

We were inspired by the uniqueness of Krong Thong silk, which is the weaving of golden silks, to create this accessory. Apart from this, wings of jewel beetles that are cut into pieces and laced on Krong Thong silk also inspired us to use the green jewel. Thus, our accessory combines Thai culture and the beauty of decoration together. 

Thai textiles

6 ก.ย. 2018     Administrator

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