Analyzing and Appraising Gems and Jewelry

29 ต.ค. 2018     Administrator

By Kanokwan Koweing

: Analyzing and Appraising Gems and Jewelry

       This program covers diamond, colored stones, and pearl which are the main raw materials for the gems and jewelry industry. It emphasizes the learners about the techniques for categorising popular gems and jewelry products and their correct terminologies.  The learners will also familiarise with the tools for categorising gemstones and learn how to analyse natural gemstones, treated gemstones, synthetic gemstones, and imitation gemstones according to color groups and unique characteristics of popular gemstones in the market.

       Another part of the program will teach about the appraisal concepts in relations to the prices of diamonds, colored stones, and pearls using international principles and the language used in the market. This will prepare the learners with the necessary basics for doing business in the future.

Program contents

· Grouping of popular gemstones and correct naming

· Using basic equipment for gemstones categorization

· Categorizing gemstones according to color groups: red and pink; royal blue, light blue, and purple; green; and other colors

· Categorizing gemstones with phenomena and pearls

· Categorizing diamonds from synthetic diamonds and imitation diamonds

· Appraising techniques for diamonds using international principles and the language used in the market

· Appraising gemstones according to types and qualities

Learning days: 5 (6 hours per day)


       The program is suitable for students, university undergraduates, or people who would like to gain more knowledge in gemstones appraisal. Basic knowledge is not required. 


For more information please contact:

CCI College Creative Industry, Srinakharinwirot University

114 Sukhumvit 23 Wattana Bangkok 10100

Tel: 02 261 1512

Analyzing and Appraising Gems and Jewelry

29 ต.ค. 2018     Administrator

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